Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Term “Flip-Flop” Comes To Mind…

Every month like clockwork my body produces an egg. Most of them, all but two, have been flushed through my reproductive system and out again with my monthly cycle. Producing eggs doesn’t make me a mother. It just means I have ovaries that function normally.

You know what I find amazingly illogical and yet somewhat amusing? Our culture, which has bought into the idea that science is the ultimate authority, that only empirical data can guide us, can so cleanly sweep all of that away by claiming that love is the glue that makes a family. Science is god until that god fails to uphold whatever issue is at stake; then emotion becomes god.

Come on, all of you who tell me that I’m foolish to look to the God of Scripture, who never changes, for my standard of right and wrong…where is your consistency?
You want to cling to science for all you’re worth when it comes to philosophy of life. But when biology tells one story, we turn to emotion to write another story. You refuse to believe in something other than what can be measured in a laboratory by using the scientific method. But when the empirical evidence is weighed against you, you turn to feelings and emotions to make your case.

You say that a parent is the one who raises a child and that a sperm or egg “donor” is not a parent, but that flies in the face of science and empirical data. Your god betrays you when DNA concludes that a “donor” is indeed a parent. So you turn to emotion and reject biology.

So get offended all you want, Sierras of the world. Your denial and anger don’t change biology.


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  2. Love is pretty darn scientific. It's impossible for a father to know, 100%, if a child is actually his, biologically. Raising a child and loving it is a gamble. I know many fathers of older generations who raised children who were not theirs. Some knew about it, some never knew, but the adult children I spoke to never considered anyone but the man who raised them to be their father.

    I also know several a few children who were taken out of horrible home situations, and adopted. They want nothing to do with their biological parents. Sure, they went through a "Curious" phase when they were adolescents, but their real parents were open and welcoming to their biological parents, and the children came to the decision to leave their drug-using abusive biological families behind.

    Family, like all of society, is an evolutionary survival necessity for frail, weak humans. Put a human with a spear up against a mountain lion. Odds are the human is going to die. Now put ten humans with spears up against a mountain lion. The odds are better in that scenario.

    Loyalty to a group, especially a group that ups your odds of survival, is what love is. It's beautiful and self-interested at the same time. Otherwise there would be no Stockholm Syndrome.

  3. Stephanie, this is so true! It seems like in this area there is a desire to be ignorant to the science! I completely agree with what you have to say