Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just Talked With My Dad

My mom and dad make a surprise trip here today.  They were only here a couple of hours, but I had the opportunity to talk with my dad.  This was only the second time I've talked with him, and I thought in the beginning that I would NEVER get to talk with him about this situation.

Because of the Parkinson's and other health issues, it wasn't the conversation that I would have normally had, but it was still good all the same.  He was having a good day, mentally speaking, and was able to understand the things I told him and I got to ask a few questions, too.  I did ask him if he wanted me to keep him informed on whether I found "the med student" - I couldn't bring myself to say "my biological father" to my dad in the precarious mental state he is in.  He said he'd like to know if I find anything out.  I didn't mention that I have an idea of who he might need to bring it up until I know something more concrete.

So thank you, Lord, for arranging the opportunity to talk with my dad!