Friday, June 3, 2011

State Medical Licensing

Here's a great resources for donor conceived people to find their biological fathers IF their father was a med student or resident. This is a list of state medical boards, where you can purchase databanks of every doctor who was licensed in a particular state. I have not gone through every state to see what is offered, but I know that a sortable database is offered for purchase for the state of Texas.

Getting closer!!

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  1. Stephanie - its a bit cooler than that....

    It has the firs middle and last name of every doctor licensed in the state, what schools they went to, what year they graduated, what country they were born in, what year they were born, what race they are, what gender they are, what year they did their residency, what other states they are licensed in what their firs and second specialties are yadda dadadada - etc. Texas cost me $68 and I will GIVE it with big fat open arms hugs and kisses to anyone who wants it and needs it.

    So there

    I'm currently working on taking all the surnames from family tree dna results and writing a formula in excel that will look for matching surnames.